Tech Storm: March

Tech Storm: March

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When you're managing a Facebook page, quality over quantity matters. Two great, highly engaged and well-boosted posts are better than 5, not engaging posts- any day. There are a number of ways to impact the quality of your Facebook presence. Our top notes?

Expand your reach by creating look-a-like audiences in Facebook Business Manager. This is especially important when you want to make your boosted posts worth the money.

Interact in relevant Facebook groups as your page! Many of the groups/teams who come into Rancho Cordova have pages of their own- engage with them.

Embrace live content- on Facebook and Instagram. Just don't forget to highlight the evergreen pieces!

Remember the Rule of Thirds: Promote, Engage and Share interesting thoughts!

In other news, Trip Advisor is changing (again). They're returning to their social roots and are asking destinations, hotels, and attractions to do more than post photos and moderate feedback. Keep an eye out for Visit Rancho Cordova's updated page!

Our surprise trending friend? GIPHY! A new opportunity for advertisers, brands, and content creators. What a fun, easy way to create simple, sharable content! Find out more here.


Pixel tags: Call it a pixel, cookie or a tag, the fact is it matters. It is a short snippet of javascript (code) that collects information on a website. The best example, and most actionable, is the Facebook tags/pixel. The tag lets you target Facebook audiences who have also visited your website. Super handy!


While Visit Rancho Cordova staff are devout Sprout Social users, we encourage you to find a social content schedule platform that works for you! Many are free and will offer trial periods of their paid features. If you're not looking for an additional platform to log in to every day- we hear you! Twitter for Business allows you to pre-schedule your tweets through Twitter Ads. Additionally, your Facebook page allows you to schedule out your posts and paid boosts.

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