Apple Hill -- Where to Get Your Christmas Tree

Apple Hill -- Where to Get Your Christmas Tree

It's almost that time of year! Where will you decide to get your Christmas tree from?

Visiting the Christmas tree farms on Apple Hill is another perfect seasonal activity for you and your family! According to the Apple Hill map, these Christmas tree farms are close to other Apple Hill destinations so that you and your family can enjoy a day exploring the hill! 

1.  Apple Blossom Farm 

Apple Blossom Farm on North Canyon Road is reopening the Saturday after Thanksgiving! From 10 AM to dusk, you can shop among various Christmas trees. While you shop for trees, you’ll get the chance to encounter Babydoll Sheep; the farm’s natural & adorable fertilizer that grazes around the property! Since Apple Blossom Farm is a registered North American Babydoll Southdown Sheep Farm, they can breed and sell Babydoll lambs. Apple Blossom Farm sells these lambs to those who want their properties maintained in the same sustainable fashion. 

Shop for trees and take pictures with the Babydoll Sheep on Saturdays and Sundays until all trees are sold out! 

2.  Apple Country Christmas Trees 

You can choose and cut your Christmas tree on Apple Country Christmas Trees’ 50-acre land! Take your time picking your tree by packing your lunch and eating at one of their picnic tables. From the day after Thanksgiving, until they’re sold out, you can enjoy products such as local apples from the apple barn, walnuts, cider, honey, and frozen pies. If you decide to bring the dog, don’t forget their leash! 

Pro-tip: Before searching for your perfect Christmas tree, stop by O’Halloran’s Apple Trail Ranch next door to bring fresh produce home! They grow and sell Indian corn, squash, and 16 different varieties of apples and pears. Not only can you cut your pumpkin off the vine, but you can also buy apple cider, apple butter, and applesauce!  

3.  Carson Ridge Evergreens Christmas Tree Farm 

For 55 years, Carson Ridge Evergreens Christmas Tree Farm has opened its 9-acre farm to families to choose and cut their Christmas trees. Once you find your tree, yell “Cutter!” and someone from the farm will help you either cut the tree down or show you and your party where to cut the tree. Carson Ridge Evergreens welcomes all dogs—leashed, of course. After a fun day looking for the perfect Christmas tree, stop by High Hill Ranch for delicious apple pastries! 

Photo provided by the El Dorado County Christmas Tree Growers.

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4.  Crystal Creek Tree Farm 

Please start a new family tradition at Crystal Creek Tree Farm, where you can find a variety of groomed trees through their 20-acre farm. This farm provides saws, packaging materials, and help if needed. All saws and shared items are disinfected! Families are encouraged to pack a lunch while exploring the farm’s nature trails that lead to a frog pond or bear cave. Please note that masks are required in the sales and tree-baling area! Their Christmas tree season starts November 20th but is closed on Thanksgiving. 

5.  Hacienda Orchards 

Hacienda Orchards is a 10-acre Christmas tree farm where every tree is hand-trimmed! Open every day from 9 AM to 5 PM, and you can choose and cut trees that range from 6-14 ft tall. Make sure you get your hands on these trees from the day after Thanksgiving until Christmas Eve or until they are sold out! 

The best way to end your Christmas Tree hunting is to reward you and your family with a pit stop at Rainbow Orchards. In case you don’t know, Rainbow Orchards is home to the world-famous Hot Apple Cider Donuts!! Enjoy their Wine/Hard Cider tasting as well as their other savory treats like Homemade Corn Dogs and Tri-Tip BBQ.

6.  Hillside Tree Farm 

From November 26th  until sold out, Hillside Tree Farm will reopen for their 2021 season! Not only do they provide saws for those who want to cut down their tree themselves, but they also offer customers the chance to use the farm’s mechanical tree shakers. This will clean the trees’ interior by shaking out all the old needles. 

You can stop by Goldbud Farms before or after choosing the perfect Christmas tree! Open daily from 10 AM to 5 PM, shop for locally sourced produce sold on the property. Such produce includes apples, peaches, nectarines, apricots, and plums! If time permits, you can enjoy your purchases at one of their picnic tables. 

7.  Indian Rock Tree Farm 

As mentioned in our previous article, Indian Rock Tree Farm will reopen for the 2021 season on November 20th! They are open Friday to Tuesday from 9 AM to 4:30 PM. While they are one of the few Christmas tree farms that don’t require reservations, Indian Rock Tree Farm requires you to book an appointment if you visit on the weekend of November 26th  due to high demand. 

8.  Madrone Tree Hill 

Madrone Tree Hill's 40-acre tree farm is home to some of the tallest trees on Apple Hill! Located in the heart of Apple Hill, visitors can explore through forests of pine trees, Madrone trees, and other types while searching for the perfect tree to take home for the holidays. All trees are grown naturally rather than being clipped or "formed" by hand. Despite its partially hidden location, it is very close to other Apple Hill Growers such as Rainbow Orchards, Larsen Apple Barn, and Mother Lode Orchards! 

Photo provided by Gordon Helm - Madrone Tree Hill.

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9.  Rapetti Farms 

Finally, Rapetti Farms is another popular family-owned and operated Christmas tree farm. Rapetti Farms is unique is that they replant new seedlings and handcraft each tree to ensure the highest quality. Unlike the other Christmas tree farms, Rapetti Farms can only accept guests by appointment only due to high demand.  

Pro Tip: Rapetti Farms uses their property not just for Christmas trees but also as a wedding venue! Call their office for more information.