Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine's Day!

Whether you celebrate with your significant other or in a solo quarantine, you can still enjoy the weekend.

Ah, Valentine's Day.

2020 messed with quite a few holidays, but you can still enjoy Valentine's Day 2021 in Rancho Cordova. Here are a few of our favorite ideas!

Take a hike!

Maybe that's not the best opening line to your significant other. However, with temperatures in the mid to low 60's this weekend; layer up, wear your mask, and enjoy the great outdoors! Where? For those who just want to keep things smooth and steady, the paved paths of the American River Parkway are for you!

Feel like mixing it up? Maybe a hike, paddle, and horse ride? Start at the Sacramento Aquatic Center and explore Lake Natoma.

Enjoy some wine

On Wednesday, February 3rd, Sierra Foothills Wine Passport Partner Andis Wines participated in a West Coast Wine Competition with wineries from Union Gap, WA, Eugene, OR, and Concord, CA. Their Painted Fields Sauvignon Blanc was unanimously voted as 'Best Wine after a Hike' by the participating travel & wine content creators. Make sure to pick yours up before your outdoor adventures on Valentine's weekend.

Staying in? Wine is still a good choice.

At the same virtual wine tasting event, Andis Wine's Old Vine Zinfandel was voted 'Best Wine for Quarantine.' Hope is on the horizon for vaccine distribution and the slowing spread of the novel coronavirus. However, many of us are still spending quite a lot of time socially distanced and in our family pods. This Old Vine Zin' was voted to be the easiest and most versatile wine. Pairing it with a meal? Great! Pairing it with a box of chocolates? Awesome! Sitting down to some television or knitting? This is also a great choice.


With 17 hotels in Rancho Cordova, you have plenty of options when it comes to a last-minute staycation. Some properties have pool reservations available! Additionally, when you stay at a Rancho Cordova hotel, ask for your Sierra Foothills Passport at check-in. This Passport is good for tastings for two at six wineries in the Sierra Foothills region- including Andis Wines! For dinner service, we recommend Formaggio Taverna & Patio; open 5:00 pm- 9:00 pm Friday- Sunday for the holiday weekend. Call for your reservation!

Bonus! Local, lovely, blooms

Order flowers for your significant other (or, yourself). Bloom Sacramento is a local farmer and florist business with ready-made, DIY, and subscription services available. Staying at a hotel? Call ahead and the front desk can make sure your flowers get delivered. Pro tip: Have the room number listed on the gift tag.

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