5 Reasons Why Meeting Planners Should Attend Our Next FAM Trip

The sales team at Visit Rancho Cordova hosts FAMiliarization Trips & Focus Groups each year for meeting planners who want to learn more about our beautiful city. Will we see you on our next trip?

Reason 1: Get up close and personal with Rancho Cordova

Reason 2: Get detailed answers to all your burning questions

Maggie Thyken Huss

Director of Sales

Rancho Cordova’s central and convenient location to rivers, lakes, mountains, and fields makes it a great destination for many sporting events and water activities. It’s definitely at the top of my list for my next team-building event. Thanks for broadening my horizons. I will definitely spread the word.
Sandy V., AAA

Reason 3: Experience the best of what Rancho Cordova has to offer event and meeting planners

Reason 4: Brainstorm with other meeting planners and provide feedback

Reason 5: The whole trip is completely free (including amenities)

I spent the last few days out in Rancho Cordova and had myself a blast. I met the friendliest people and the hospitality was top notch. You'll be in good hands with Maggie Thyken Huss if you'd like to learn more about this beautiful city and its offerings. I can't wait for my next adventure out there to do some wine tasting, kayaking, and river rafting!
Kim T., Tesla

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