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Why the California Capital Airshow is a Must-See Event

Well, it’s that time of year again… time to fly high in Rancho Cordova!

The California Capital Airshow 2021 flies back into town this September from 24-26 with new performers, displays, a Friday-night DRIVE-IN show, and more waiting for you. To get the fun started, we came up with an itinerary for you! Read further for the top reasons why our airshow is a must-see event.


Alright, we all know the primary reason you enjoy the event-- the world-class performers! While performing daring tricks, watch the USAF Thunderbirds soar high above Mather Airport. You’ll get an impressive view of "Americas Ambassadors." You can expect the California Capital Airshow 2021 to be nothing less than spectacular again this year. Joining them are the Canadian Snowbirds (pictured below)!


In addition to the show in the sky, there is still some first-class entertainment on the ground. Safety protocols will have a limited ground show for 2021. Attendance is limited. Don't miss your chance!

What to make the most out of the weekend? Stay the night! In addition to Rancho Cordova’s 17 lovely hotels to choose from, the airshow has special rates available just for its guests.


NEW! For 2021, you and your 5 person pod squad can roll up and enjoy the Friday evening show from the comfort of your car! Premium and standard parking is available. Brace yourselves for 25 high flyers in the span of a 3-hour show! Making a night of it? Head down the road to the West Wind Drive-Ins for a more... 2-D show!