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The Breakout- February

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Our values are Kaizen, Respect, Integrity, Alignment, and Innovation. So, shifting our community from standard operating procedures to sustainable operating procedures is a natural step for us. Sustainability is no longer a fleeting trend and in the hospitality industry, sustainability means survival. As a destination and community, Rancho Cordova relies on resources that need to be responsibly managed by all stakeholders. Now, let's use this space to discuss responsible tourism and the ROI of sustainable efforts.

PRO TIP: A destinations product is its resources.

The American River, the Parkway, the culture of Rancho Cordova, the clean air on Kids Day and the local food are all integral to the product we deliver. The ROI for responsible and sustainable tourism practices is, simply, the preservation of the assets.

Food Waste


Smelly, hippies, bad tea. Right? Not in Rancho Cordova

For businesses in Rancho Cordova, composting is easy and a business best practice. Beginning on January 1, 2019 businesses that throw away four cubic yards of organic waste (food scraps and green waste) per week are required to compost (See Business Recycling and Food Waste Composting Programs). Businesses do not need to compost on site. Opportunities to compost exist in the kitchen, the yard and the guest room. Composting is an essential, basic step for hotels to create less waste and move toward a zero waste goal.

Next Steps

Already composting? Be sure to integrate these efforts into your marketing plan! Meeting planners and guests want to know about your sustainable practices. Tell them! Guests want to know their impact and more meeting planners are expected to report to their client the sustainable impacts of an event.

Give the People What They Want

No, really.

Consider reimagining your serving sizes. Food waste practices go beyond composting. Evaluate pre and post-consumer plates. If the kitchen is constantly tossing scraps from the lunch special, the lunch special is too large. This means your kitchen is overbuying product and the guests are clearly not consuming them. Spend a week, month, or quarter and take notes to evaluate your food waste. For hotels that want their efforts regarding food waste featured, contact leena@visitranchocordova.com

Vocabulary of the month!

SOP: Sustainable Operating Procedure

Any business professional worth their salt will tell you that SOP stands for the standard operating procedure. The term has evolved. Every daily, monthly and annual task needs to re-evaluated from standard to sustainable.



It's more than a hipster millennial trend and it's more flexible than a simple hashtag may suggest. In association with Johns Hopkins School of Public Health in 2003, the Meatless Monday organization began campaigning. They offer free marketing materials and education. No need to switch your menu every Monday, simply highlight your vegetarian or vegan options and get #trending.

Make it real

The Green Restaurant Association provides restaurants the opportunity to be certified green. Despite the upfront shifts in operating procedure, going green offers:

  • Less waste
  • Less spoil (remember, chemicals and storage to preserve foods cost money)
  • Better footprint
  • Better quality of food
  • Shrink your trash bill
  • Communications opportunities
    • Tell the story of the food
    • Make the experience more than the dish