Things to do & where to eat during the Disco-Tech Invitational

Things to do & where to eat during the Disco-Tech Invitational

Finding things to do and places to eat isn't hard when you're in Rancho Cordova!

Best Restaurants

Gangnam Korean BBQ has all you can eat BBQ that will give your athletes a great post-gymnastics meal where the flavors will make your tastebuds do roundoff back tucks! Gangnam Korean BBQ is a five (5) minute drive from Technique Gymnastics right on Sunrise Boulevard—you can’t miss it! We recommend calling to make a reservation, as it gets busy on the weekends.

You can’t visit Rancho Cordova without visiting Brookfield’s Restaurant! Brookfield’s is right off of Highway 50 and down the street from a few of our hotels: DoubleTree Suites, Holiday Inn Express, Hometown Studios, and Sacramento Marriott Rancho Cordova. This casual, family-friendly restaurant has been named a local favorite and home to some of the best burgers in town!

Another up & coming restaurant in Rancho Cordova is The EstablishMint: an Asian-Fusion restaurant heavily influenced by Japanese and Thai cuisine! Located on Olson Drive, The EstablishMint is great for wanting to try different types of Asian food when you don’t know where to start. Their flavorful dishes inspired by Thailand, Japan, China, and more are worthwhile!

Shahrzad Fine Persian Cuisine is one of Rancho Cordova’s hidden gems with flavors that are out of this world! Their tender meat is perfect fuel for a gymnast after a long day of tumbling. If you’re staying at La Quinta, Sacramento Marriott Rancho Cordova, or any of the hotels along Point E Drive, this restaurant is not too far from you!

Sacramento Marriott Rancho Cordova announced their exclusive deal for Disco-Tech, click this link to learn more about it!

Things to Do

Hagan Community Park is the perfect place for families, teams, and pups to enjoy the fresh air and the park’s 80 acres of lush grass, fishing lagoon, dog park, and more family-friendly amenities. Not only can you explore the winding trails, but your athletes can also take Instagram-worthy tumbling photos! Set up your picnic basket with your group for a relaxing lunch by the American River.

Provided by The City of Rancho Cordova

Are you up for a challenge? Visit Red Door Escape Room after the meet for a fun team bonding exercise! Located on Folsom Boulevard, Red Door provides a wide selection of experiences for you and your group to try ranging from first timer to challenging escape rooms. What better way to enjoy your stay than solving cryptic puzzles and finding clues with your group? Go on their website to choose which of the five (5) escape rooms for you to solve.

The fun is not just limited to Rancho Cordova! The Sacramento Zoo should be one of your stops while you are out here. Watch in awe as the big cats, orangutans, and other exotic animals take a stroll around their exhibits. Do not forget to stop by the gift shop to get your own adorable plushie!

If you and your group are feeling golden, experience the Marshall Gold Discovery Park: a significant historical landmark where James W. Marshall first discovered gold. Learn the history of the California Gold Rush in Coloma, and don’t be shy about exploring the gold discovery tours, hiking trails, picnic areas, and museums with your group!

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