Kayaking & Water Activities

A summer vacation is meant to be fun, filled with activities and somewhat relaxing!

Sometimes it can be hard to find an easy-to-travel-to location that offers something for everyone in the family. With an endless amount of water activities in Rancho Cordova, we may have found what you've been looking for! Whether you want to take on challenging water sports or you would rather relax by the water, Rancho Cordova is known as an ideal summer destination for its abundance of water activities.

To help you plan your water-filled trip to the heart of northern California, here are five of our favorite family-friendly water activities in Rancho Cordova. To learn more about rapid classifications, check out our infographic here.


Leisurely float down the river or spend the day fly fishing, the American River has it all! If you prefer a relaxing vacation, float down the American River with help from American River Raft Rentals. This service provides kayaks and rafts for a rental fee. But if you're looking for a little more adventure, contact Fish Habit Outfitters to book a guided fly fishing experience. With tour guides during the summer, you'll fish primarily American Shad and Striped Bass.

El Manto River Access tour is featured below.


The South-Fork American River is the most popular whitewater rafting destination in California! There are numerous rafting tours such as All Outdoors. Most of these tours also take children 8 and older which is perfect for a family activity! If you're new to rafting or you are bringing along family, try Class II-III whitewater rafting. If you're an adrenaline junkie, the Middle fork offers Class IV rapids, and the North Fork offers up to Class V!


Sacramento State Aquatic Center is available for the ultimate water lover! This center provides sailing, windsurfing, SUP, kayaking, canoeing, and rowing through either classes or rentals. If you're up for an adventure on the lake, here is more information on boat rentals. If you're more interested in laying out, then there's plenty of time to soak up the sun!


Folsom Lake State Recreation Area is just minutes from Rancho Cordova. Even though Folsom Lake offers hiking, biking, camping, horse-riding, and more, we're here for the water activities! We suggest visiting if you have a boat or think you'll rent one for the day. This nearly 12,000-acre lake is ideal for tubing -- just make sure you have your orange signal flag! If you're more of a 'lie on the beach, catch the rays' vacationer, we recommend that you visit Beal's Point at Folsom Lake.


White Rock Splash Park is the best option for toddlers on our list of topwater activities in Rancho Cordova. From water slides, water cannons, a huge dump bucket, to water jets, this is the place to cool off for the summer! Its location is actually within White Rock Neighborhood Park, the facility is one of the largest splash parks of its kind in northern California. This park is also gated for extra security.

Now, who's ready to splash around?