5 Best Places to Run in Rancho Cordova

5 Best Places to Run in Rancho Cordova

Local gems that make running fun!


Are you new to the area and want the opportunity to get to know the area better? The American River Parkway (Sunrise Recreation) is the perfect trail for you! The Sunrise Recreation Areas are divided into two areas: Upper Sunrise and Lower Sunrise. The Upper Sunrise not only features a boat launch onto the river, but also pleasant bike rides and walks. You may also come across the Fair Oaks Bridge, a historic bridge that dates to the early 1900s.

As you jog your way toward the Lower Sunrise, you will notice that the Jim Jones bridge is linked to Sacramento Bar. The Jim Jones bridge is also a popular place for people to bike, run, or ride their horses.

No matter which area you decide to visit, there will always be something exciting for you to see!


This former Air Force base is now a 1600-acre recreational park with so many sights to see during your next run! As you run along the beautiful bass & trout-filled lake, you get to take in all the natural beauty from rare vernal pools (and its slippery residents) to migrating birds in the fall and spring.


Nimbus Flat is a favorite among Sacramento County locals! Nimbus Flat trails go along Lake Natoma, where the open water and peaceful sounds of wildlife make this run worthwhile. Here, you can get the best of both worlds between the land and water. Not only can you run into cute turtles and birds, but also see people enjoying the water on their kayaks or small boats. Tired of running? No worries! There are many picnic areas to take in the beautiful scenery.


Hagan Community Park, which also runs along the American River, has a wide variety of places to run! Get that fairytale feeling as you run along the luscious grass underneath the trees—let's not forget about the cute pups running around. You can also check out their athletic & soccer fields, which are great places to run laps around. Hagan Community Park also has 15 BBQ pits, which are great for picnics and COVID-friendly reunions!


If you’re aiming for a short run, then Kavala Ranch Park would be the ideal park for you! This 4.8-acre neighborhood park has an open grass area as well as a basketball court that is perfect for quick laps.


Running doesn’t have to be lonely! There are clubs for both youth and adults to join in Rancho Cordova. Wild Runners World has community runs every Saturday at 8:00 AM. You can check out their website for additional information on marathon training and runs. The Rancho Cordova Track Club offers seasonal programs for local youth. Their Track & Field Season is from December to August, and their Cross-Country Season operates from July to December. Visit their website for more information.

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