Applicant Review Periods 2022:

Applications and supporting materials for the Spring Awards are due by 5:00 pm Friday, April 15th, 2022. Applications and supporting materials for the Fall Awards are due by 5:00 pm Friday, October 14th, 2022. Applications and supporting materials submitted after these dates, will not be reviewed until the following season.

Visit Rancho Cordova is the official destination organization for Rancho Cordova, CA. Visit Rancho Cordova is funded by a TBID (Tourism Business Improvement District) in Rancho Cordova; collecting an assessment from each room night sold.


The purpose of the Marketing Sponsorship Program is to provide funding assistance to organizations conducting special events and programs in Rancho Cordova, CA.

In addition to the stated purpose of the funds, eligibility guidelines and policies further stipulate that:

Marketing Sponsorship Funds are to be used specifically for marketing and promoting an event or program to potential tourists to Rancho Cordova, CA, and the at large community.

Marketing Sponsorship Funds are intended to supplement the sponsoring or hosting organization's marketing budget, not to be the sole source of funding. Requesting organizations must also commit separate funds to the marketing and promotion of the event from sources other than the Visit Rancho Cordova Marketing Sponsorship.

Authorized use of funds includes:

  • Print, Radio, Television, and Digital Advertisements;
  • Outdoor signage/banners;
  • Posters/flyers/brochures;
  • Professional artwork/ Graphic Design;
  • Postage for direct mail of promotional material;
  • Travel expenses;
  • Prize money, scholarships, awards, plaques, or certificates;
  • Promotional items (being sold OR given away) including apparel, tote bags, etc,;
  • Sales tax;
  • Media receptions and social events.

Funding will not support:

  • Operating or administrative costs, including salaries
  • Professional legal, medical, engineering, accounting, auditing, consultant, or tax services;
  • Real property;
  • Tangible property, including but not limited to copy machines, facsimile machines, computer equipment, typewriters, and other office equipment, light fixtures, musical instruments, and other equipment and permanent collections;
  • Interest or reduction of deficits or loans;
  • Funding shall not be used to support debt reduction, private entertainment (I.e. food, beverages), or projects with restricted access based on race, sex, national origin, age, creed, gender, sexuality, or disability.

Additional Considerations

Logo recognition of Visit Rancho Cordova on appropriate printed material, online advertisements, and public relations activities.

  • The Visit Rancho Cordova logo, tagline, and web links can be customized by Visit Rancho Cordova staff, within branding guidelines. Once an application is approved, Visit Rancho Cordova staff will work with each event for custom links, appropriate images, logos, etc. Logos, taglines, and links cannot be altered without Visit Rancho Cordova's approval.
  • Video or audio advertisements will include a logo (see above) or the following statement: “Brought to you in part by Visit Rancho Cordova”
  • Radio: (event message) “Brought to you by Visit Rancho Cordova”
  • Television: The Visit Rancho Cordova must be presented as a sponsor/host of the event.

In-Kind Partnerships

Visit Rancho Cordova may offer Marketing Sponsorships in the form of in-kind services, vendor rates, or partner offerings. Find our Marketing Sponsorship In-Kind offerings here. These are available for review, year-round. Contact for in-kind partnerships. We ask for a 14-day lead time.

Additionally, in-kind services may be offered with the Marketing Sponsorship offering. For example, if an organization applies for a $5,000k Sponsorship within the application period, Visit Rancho Cordova Marketing Committee may offer a $1,000k in-kind Sponsorship and $4,00k financial Marketing Sponsorship.

Please download and review the Application and Guidelines before submitting the below form.