For our team members and front line staff looking for employment assistance

Resources regarding industry employment support. #TourismStrong

For general information on COVID-19 and updates regarding government mandates, please consult our Coronavirus 2020 page.

Information on this page is updated frequently. Last update: 4/3/2020 8:15pm PST

Federal Information Resources:

Employment Challenges Assistance

California Employment Development Department (CA EDD)

UI Work Sharing Program – Staff Reduction Alternatives
This program allows employers to seek an alternative to layoffs — retaining their trained employees by reducing their hours and wages that can be partially offset with UI benefits.

Unemployment Insurance - Reduced Work Hours
Available if an employee’s hours are reduced or operations are shut down due to COVID-19. Workers who are temporarily unemployed due to COVID-19 and expected to return to work with their employer within a few weeks are not required to actively seek work each week, with certain provisions.

Unemployment Insurance – School Closures
Available if an employee’s child’s school is closed, and they must miss work to provide care. Eligible employees must have no other care options and be unable to continue working their normal hours remotely.

Disability Insurance – Sick or Quarantined
Available if an employee is unable to work due to having or being exposed to COVID-19 (certified by a medical professional).

Paid Family Leave – Caregiving Available if an employee is unable to work because they are caring for an ill or quarantined family member with COVID-19 (certified by a medical professional).

California Franchise Tax Board

Delayed Filing – State Taxes
Individual filers have a 60-day extension and can pay their taxes by June 15. The State Franchise Tax Board will also waive interest and any late filing or late payment penalties that would otherwise apply. Taxpayers claiming the special relief should write COVID-19 in black ink at the top of the tax return to alert FTB of the special extension period.

Internal Revenue Service

Delayed Filing – Federal Taxes
Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin announced that the Internal Revenue Service will give filers 90 days to pay income taxes due on up to $1 million in tax owed. During that three-month deferral period, taxpayers won’t be subject to interest and penalties.

California Department of Industrial Relations

Commission Guidance – Taking Time Off
According to the California Department of Industrial Relations, employees should use paid sick leave when taking time off from work as a result of contracting COVID-19. Should they exhaust their paid sick leave, they may use other forms of paid leave. An employer cannot require an employee to use paid sick leave. If the worker decides to use paid sick leave, the employer can require they take a minimum of two hours of paid sick leave. The determination of how much paid sick leave will be used is up to the employee.

California Department of Community Services and Development

Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program – Financial/Energy Assistance
The Home Energy Assistance Program (HEAP) provides one-time financial assistance to help balance an eligible household's utility bill

California Hotel & Lodging Association

Rx Aid Prescription Assistance – Medical Assistance
All members and member employees are eligible to get pharmacy discounts through this program.

Rancho Cordova Travel & Tourism hotels ARE STILL members of CH&LA. This membership is service through Rancho Cordova Travel & Tourism.

Additional Assistance

For current SNAP recipients, please note that is offering a $50 reimbursement for families in need during COVID-19 crisis. Offer is limited.

Information for workers impacted by COVID-19
State of California Employment Development Department (CA EDD)

Industry Assistance


Bartenders in need of emergency assistance should contact the USBG National Charity Foundation. Membership is not required to apply.

The Restaurant Workers Community Foundation has opened a fund and resource page for workers impacted by the pandemic.

Restaurant workers with children can apply for grants through CORE. Core aims to provide meals for the children of restaurant employees during times of hardship.

Apply for National Restaurant Association unemployment grant.


Heard That Foundation is also dedicated to the advancement and support of hospitality workers in the United States. Please check out their Facebook Page for more information.

The Above and Beyond Foundation is issuing $500 grants to front line workers.

Temporary Employment Needs

Nicole Pittaro at Ultimate Staffing has some job opportunities available for laid off hospitality associates. Please contact at:

Safeway is looking immediate hires.

Raley's stores, delivery and warehouse are hiring. Additionally, Raley's has specified that they would like to work with hospitality team members looking for temporary status. Visit Rancho Cordova has reached out to Raley's for more direct coordination.

Amazon Jobs is also ramping up their hiring efforts with the increased need to drivers and delivery needs.

Please also check with CA Assisted Living for hiring opportunities.

Hilton Workforce Resource Center has out the following list together.

US Small Business Association is hiring.

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