Marketing Rights vs Repost Rights Vs Guide Rights

Are you not sure what the Marketing Rights, Repost Rights, or Guide Rights that have been requested on your Social Media accounts are? Learn more about what this means and your rights.

Who Are We

Visit Rancho Cordova is a local Travel and Tourism Bureau. Our goal is to show our followers on social media what it is like to experience Rancho Cordova first hand. What better way to showcase the city that we live in then to use the content from our community.

Why We are Asking for Your Content

When you receive a notification on your social media that "Visit Rancho Cordova as commented on your post", it is not a spam comment. Visit Rancho Cordova sorts through all social media platforms and hand-picks what pieces of content coincide with the Visit Rancho Cordova brand the best. If you have received a message from us, you have been hand-selected! We will not use your content unless you have given us permission. A simple #YesRanchoCordova allows us rights to your content. By allowing us rights, you are agreeing to let us use the content royalty-free, with no exclusivity. We will only use your content under the category under which we have requested i.e Repost or Marketing Rights.

If you are responding to us i.e. our brand presence via social platforms, you warrant that you are an allowable participant of eighteen (18) years of age or older. If you do not want us to use your content, DO NOT respond to our comments.

When you allow Visit Rancho Cordova to use content, you are giving us unrestricted rights and a license to copy, reproduce, edit, adapt, and translate the content to how we see fit.

What We Use This Content For

We are committed to protecting your privacy. We will never use your content without permission. We use your content to show our followers on social media what it is like to live and experience Rancho Cordova.

When we ask for content, we are either asking for marketing rights, repost rights, or guide rights. When you agree to Marketing rights, you are allowing Visit Rancho Cordova to take ownership of your content. We will be able to use the content on any platform, ad, or marketing campaign without giving the original creator credit. Repost rights are when you allow Visit Rancho Cordova to use your content on their platforms. HOWEVER, we as an organization must give you legal credit for the content. Whenever we use the content, we must tag your social media username in the post. Guide Rights means this content will only be reposted within Instagram Guides, found on the Visit Rancho Cordova Instagram page. You may not be tagged but your handle will appear on the image and anyone clicking that image for further detail will be taken to your original post.

Your content will be displayed publicly. People from around the world will see your content living on our website and social media platforms. When signing over rights to Visit Rancho Cordova, you are agreeing to allow us to use your content on our current and/or future website and social platform.