Family Fun

Kids have so many options in the Rancho Cordova area. Or should we say that parents have so many options for kids.

1. Sacramento Children’s Museum

the Sacramento Children’s Museum takes interactivity to a new level. With numerous hands-on displays, the exhibits educate and entertain. Stacking, dropping, sorting, matching and balancing are all concepts that children explore while playing in “CityWays.” “Solar Car Racers” introduces the notion of solar power and the sun as an energy source in a fun, simple way. Learning about wind flow and air currents becomes a game in “AirWays.” The Augmented Reality Sandbox, developed by a U.C. Davis researcher, is super cool for kids and adults.

2. California State Railroad Museum

For big scale exhibits, steam on over to the California State Railroad Museum. Impressive trains greet the eye and invite exploration in every section of this 100,000 square foot museum. Check out the Virginia & Truckee Railroad No. 12 Genoa car, or the AT&SF Dining Car No. 1474 Cochiti car. Head upstairs for the narrow-gauge Pacific Coast Railway freight train high above the Museum's Roundhouse gallery. The upstairs play area is ideal for kids ages 2-8.

Afterward, only yards away you’ll have the option to take a train ride on the Southern Sacramento Railroad, which skirts the Sacramento River.

3. Sacramento Zoo

On day two, head to the Sacramento Zoo, where you’ll see over 600 animals. Listen to a screaming Black and White Ruffed Lemur, take a picture with a Masai Giraffe, or get awed by an aardvark. Sacramento Zoo is well suited for all ages, including families with little ones in strollers. Nearby the zoo, you’ll find Fairytale Town with 25 colorful sets from nursery rhymes and fairytales. See Robin Hood’s Sherwood Forest, King Arthur’s Castle, Jack and Jill Hill and the fun stroll through The Crooked Mile, among others.

4. Outdoor Adventure

If the outdoors is your thing, head to the Sacramento State Aquatic Center and rent a canoe or kayak for a family outing. Or, if you really want to dig in, head over to Soil Born Farms for lessons on urban agriculture. You may even be able to enroll your child in a specialty youth class.

Pro Tip: Ask your hotel front desk staff for a discount pass to the Sacramento Children’s Museum.