Best Biking Trails in Rancho Cordova

Best Biking Trails in Rancho Cordova

Get started on your New Year's Resolutions with these biking trails in Rancho Cordova!

Follow us along the American River for the best biking trails in Rancho Cordova! For more information on bike trails in Rancho Cordova, click here for the City of Rancho Cordova’s bike maps! 

American River - Sunrise Recreation

Starting Aug. 29, 2022, a stretch of the American River Parkway Trail—from the El Manto entrance to the Sunriver Park entrance—will be closed for two months for construction. Learn more here.  

The American River – Sunrise Recreation creates an excellent place for runners and bikers alike! The Sunrise Recreation Areas offer access to bridges and perfect river views during bike rides. In addition to cyclists, joggers, horseback riders, and walkers enjoy the parkway. Check out our blog, “5 Best Places to Run,” to learn about the different activities visitors and locals love at the Sunrise Recreation Areas.

Rossmoor Bar River Access

Only 2.4 miles away from the Sunrise Recreation Areas, bikers ride through the Rossmoor Bar River Access for a scenic route and closer access to the river. Riders encounter the Rossmoor Bar, a peninsula bordered by the American River. Parking is available at $5 per vehicle and $10 for a car in addition to a trailer or another oversized vehicle. Check out the Sacramento County Regional Park’s page on entrance fees.

Hagan Community Park

Hagan Community Park is Rancho Cordova’s largest and most popular park! The American River passes alongside Hagan Community Park and features a variety of trails and lush grass beneath the trees. This park’s 80 acres provide enough space for everyone to enjoy. Check out their information and virtual tours here!

River Bend Park

Located in between Rossmoor Bar River Access and Hagan Community Park, River Bend Park is another popular location to go on a bike ride. Fun fact: River Bend Park is one of the oldest county parks in the Sacramento Region (“American River Parkway – River Bend Park”). Bikers often run into wild turkeys and deer among the trees and picnic areas. When sharing a photo of the turkey or deer, make sure to tag us #visitranchocordova on social media!

Make your trip easy by planning your stay at one of our 17 hotels! The hotels provide bike maps for you to use on your adventure. The adventure doesn’t stop there! Reward yourself by visiting the Barrel District with your Barrel District Passport! These unique craft beverages aren’t going to drink themselves. The Mills Station Arts & Culture Center (MACC) showcases impressive exhibits such as “Memories of the Southern Civil Rights Movement.” After a long day of biking and visiting local businesses, plopping down on soft sheets is the best way to end the day. 

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