A message from Visit Rancho Cordova

A message from Visit Rancho Cordova


Hello Hoteliers and Stakeholders:

As you know, the travel and tourism industry was the first industry to feel significant effects from coronavirus (COVID-19). The rapid escalation of pandemic-induced impacts have been hard to fathom. However, with the recent federal, state, local measures taken along with private industry, the scope of the challenge faced by COVID-19 is becoming clearer. Combined with the drastic measures being implemented in other countries, it is obvious that this pandemic is the most serious disruption to our industry, American life, and life in many other countries, in decades. It truly has been heartbreaking to see the stress this has placed on our hospitality workforce, and the expanding pressures of this crisis on society at large. However, the health and safety of the citizens of the United States and our friends from around the globe takes precedence at this time. As experts note, this communal effort to mitigate the disease is expected to save many lives.

Due to the specific impacts to our hospitality community and our visitors, we have added COVID-19 information pages to our website for guests to our region, as well as for our greater hospitality community. We know housekeepers, bartenders, waitstaff, cooks and other hourly wage and tip supported hospitality-related workers are facing major or complete loss of work hours.
Our hospitality industry page contains the latest information on COVID-19, and where you can find authoritative information, but also includes resources for those that are facing layoffs, reduced hours and other hardships as a result of COVID-19. Federal and state officials are working on programs and measures to assist those suffering financial impacts from this pandemic.

Additionally, Visit Rancho Cordova social media channels will share timely updates on COVID-19. We ask that all Rancho Cordova restaurants take our current survey.

These unprecedented times have a human and financial cost. In the short-term, we have shifted our focus to better serve our local industry and community. Our community is filled with hardworking and innovative people: we will persevere.

In the meantime, we are actively preparing for recovery. Visit Rancho Cordova will be the first to welcome guests back to Rancho Cordova once it is prudent to do so.

For now, please know our Visit Rancho Cordova team is here for you.
Be smart, be safe and stay healthy!

- Visit Rancho Cordova Team

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