Rancho Cordova: The Family Friendly Getaway In Northern California

Booking a family friendly getaway in California can be a lot of work… there is so much to consider! We have to think about the location, hotels, activities, snacks, restaurants, and more. Luckily for you, we believe that we’ve found the perfect family friendly getaway in Northern California: Rancho Cordova.

Family Friendly Hotels
After choosing the perfect location for your family friendly vacation, the hardest decision to make is where to stay! Luckily, Rancho Cordova has 16 spectacular hotels to choose from, and there are several family friendly hotels available (get ready for a pool day!). We suggest that you checkout the Residence Inn for several family-friendly reasons. The Residence Inn has a breakfast buffet perfect for a large family, an indoor pool, free wifi for multiple devices, complimentary parking, and a fully-equipped kitchen separate from the dining area to make lunches and prepare snacks for the day ahead.

Kid-Friendly Things to do in Sacramento
When you plan your family friendly getaway in Northern California, remember that there are numerous kid friendly things to do in Sacramento. The Rancho Cordova area is loaded (we repeat, loaded!) with activities such as the Sacramento Zoo, California State Railroad Museum, and Sacramento Children’s Museum. Plus, if your kids are water babies, the Rancho Cordova area has outdoor activities they’ll love! Lake Natoma and Folsom Lake offer kayak and other equipment rentals… throw in a picnic, and it sounds like a perfect day by the water!

Meals and Dining
There’s nothing worse than ending up in a busy restaurant with no activities for the kids. Dining is probably the most overlooked aspect of family friendly vacations, which is why we’ve got a few of the best restaurants in Rancho Cordova lined up! Kids love the environment at Casa Ramos and Brookfields Restaurant, but you can’t miss the games at Straw Hat Pizza or the opportunity to dine in the cable car at The Old Spaghetti Factory.

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