Where to Find Food Trucks in Rancho Cordova, CA

Where to Find Food Trucks in Rancho Cordova, CA

Adventurous eaters will love the food truck scene in Rancho Cordova.

Surrounded by fresh farms, Rancho Cordova's foodie culture is robust. Sampling treats from our local food trucks is an excellent way to meet up-and-coming chefs and seek out adventurous new flavors. Plus, food trucks offer fast, casual dining in our beautiful California sunshine.

Here’s where you can find food trucks regularly in and around Rancho Cordova.

1. Free Friday Night Concerts

Rancho Cordova locals love the free Friday night concert series throughout August in Village Green Park. Come and enjoy live music in a family-friendly atmosphere. Make your evening out complete with a meal from one of the local food trucks on hand.

2. Food Trucks at Wineries & Breweries

Many area wineries and breweries will feature rotating food trucks so you can pair your favorite drinks with a creative range of cuisines. Claimstake Brewery and Fort Rock Brewing are two spots that regularly feature food trucks on their event calendars.

3. More SactoMoFo Events

If you can’t get enough of these delicious food trucks, SactoMoFo offers food truck lunches on most weekdays at multiple locations throughout Sacramento. One of the coolest places is the Ziggurat at 707 3rd Street. This iconic pyramid-shaped office building looks like it was plucked from the banks of the Nile in ancient Egypt and dropped down by the Sacramento River.

To view a list of all the best food trucks in the area and all upcoming food truck events, head to the SactoMoFo website. Still hungry for more? Check out the other dining options in Rancho Cordova.

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