Toying with Perception: The Marvelous Cakes of Jewel Burgess

Since launching her business Cake Jewel Custom Cakes in 2015, Jewel Burgess has appeared and competed on multiple Warner Bros. Discovery Networks shows, including Food Network’s Halloween Wars, Cakealikes and The Big Bake, among others.

Baker Jewel Burgess poses with her cake recreating short stack pancakes
I’m known for people looking and having to think, ‘Is that cake or is it not?’ That’s my whole motivation, capturing that wow factor.
Jewel Burgess, owner of Cake Jewel Custom Cakes.
A cake recreating a McDonald's chicken nugget meal
I love Rancho Cordova. This city has just really expanded. It’s a wonderful place for families and it’s a tight community because if you live here long enough, everyone knows everyone.
Jewel Burgess
An Amazon package cake