Renovations and Recognitions at Residence Inn Rancho Cordova

Renovations and Recognitions at Residence Inn Rancho Cordova

After the renovations came the National Guard and recognition for safety and service.

In July 2020, Residence Inn by Marriott, Rancho Cordova, located at 2779 Prospect Park Dr., completed its renovation! Every guestroom suite and the public areas were refreshed; including the pool and gym! The gym was actually expanded and updated with all new equipment and machines. Of course, 2020 was a year of change for everyone. The hotel also began offering grab-n-go breakfasts rather than their famous served breakfast buffets. Hand sanitizer was made available in all public areas. PPE and hand sanitizer in Rancho Cordova hotels were provided in partnership with the California Office of Emergency Services, California Hotel & Lodging Association, and Visit Rancho Cordova. Find out more here.

Additionally, protocols were put in place for reservations at the new gym, outdoor barbeque, and outdoor sports court. Hotels and businesses in Rancho Cordova are under the guidelines of Sacramento County Public Health and State of California 'Blueprint for a Safer Economy.' Some amenities are only available during certain state-ordered periods, based on the spread of the novel, coronavirus. To find out more about what tier Sacramento County is in, check out the Visit Rancho Cordova Covid-19 information hub.

Around the time of the completed renovation, the National Guard was deployed to the greater capital region in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Residence Inn became the home away from home for first responders, National Guard, and other military personnel for the remainder of 2020. According to Kristin Goble, Director of Sales for Residence Inn and Director on the Board of Rancho Cordova Travel & Tourism, most of the troops staying with them were medically trained and working the frontlines of the pandemic response for the region.

What has inspired us is seeing the hundreds of National Guardsmen who answered the call of duty, leaving their civilian jobs and their families and homes, to protect our community. Kristin Goble, Director of Sales, Residence Inn by Marriott Rancho Cordova, CA

The admiration is mutual! In 2020, Residence Inn by Marriott Rancho Cordova received a "Certificate of Recognition" from the California National Guard for their efforts to maintain "a high standard of cleanliness affording them a healthy and low-risk environment and for (our) flexibility and patience in support of their mission," according to Kristin Goble. She went on to say, "Our staff is extremely honored to be recognized for their tireless commitment to taking care of our guests." Kristin Goble noted that the National Guard guests and other first responders have appreciated especially the expanded gym with new exercise equipment. However, within the various restrictions for indoor gyms, as determined by the state and county, Residence Inn leadership relied on their partnerships. "Local gyms offered “military” discounts and short-term discounts as guests are only in town temporarily. They need to stay in shape and need a way to de-stress," Kristin Goble shared. Don't we all!

A well-deserved round of socially distant applause and cheers for this Rancho Cordova superstar hotel! Well done!

What comes next? Kristin Goble and Terry Park, General Manager of Residence Inn and immediate past chair for Rancho Cordova Board of Directors, along with their fabulous team are looking forward to welcoming back business travelers. As a Marriott property, points incentives and rewards are available at Marriott online. Also, the team is excited for the county to move into a safer tier and resume in-door dining. In the meantime, the staff will continue to order from their local favorite, Little Buddha Thai!

The experiences of 2020 (and, so far, 2021) has highlighted how important our essential businesses, our local businesses, and our community ties really are. Hotels aren't only for vacations and more of our friends and family work in hospitality than we all might have known.

Many people may not think of staying at a local hotel but most often think of a hotel when going out of town on vacation or a business trip. We hope the community will think of our hotel as a local resource when there is a need – such as family visiting from out of town or a temporary place to stay when moving or having work done in the house. Or, perhaps there’s storm damage and the roof is leaking or the electricity has gone out due to high winds. Or perhaps the WIFI is out in the home office…what to do?? All of our suites are like mini-apartments, with fully equipped kitchens, and ready to move in! We are Plan B! Kristin Goble, Director of Sales, Residence Inn by Marriott Rancho Cordova, CA
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