MACC Director and Curator Cheryl Gleason Reflects on Five Years of Art in Rancho Cordova

This month, the MACC celebrates its fifth birthday with a special exhibit titled “How Sweet It Is.” The exhibit showcases sugary-sweet artwork from local artists and will also feature a new show called “CREOTIONS” by Utah-based artist Christopher Creek, who sculpts intricate artworks into the filling of double-stuffed Oreo cookies.

Cheryl Gleason stands with MACC sign
When I got this job, it was right before Christmas and I felt like that was the best Christmas present that year in 2017. Thinking about the last five years, I’m looking back at the amazing accomplishments from where we started to what we have created here today and the immense trust and leeway I’ve had to be creative in establishing what’s going on here.”
Cheryl Gleason, MACC art director and curator
People inside the MACC for the birthday celebration

Seeds of an artist

Image showing characters sculpted into Oreo cookie filling
Pictured: Utah-based artist Christopher Creek meticulously crafts sculptures into the filling of Oreo cookies.

A center for the arts

That’s why having the MACC, which is free, where anyone can come and see different exhibits and be inspired or have thought-provoking conversations, even if only in your own head, is very important. Culture is what defines a city.
Cheryl Gleason, MACC art director and curator
Open Oreo cookies with Avengers team carved into the filling

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