The Best Restaurants in Rancho Cordova

Rancho Cordova has such a long list of restaurants to choose from, that we have narrowed it down to our top 10 best restaurants in Rancho Cordova. Including chains, 'mom and pop' restaurants, and regional options, this all-inclusive list should guide you to the restaurant you're looking for. So now when you pay a visit to Rancho Cordova, you'll know where to stop for the city's best grub.

This special selection was chosen for its distinguished menu and positive reputation among locals and visitors. These choices are generally not for those trying to eat in a rush; we'll get to those selections soon!

1. Famous Burger

We had to start with Famous Burger. Located off Zinfandel Dr., this family-owned burger joint has every burger imaginable for extremely reasonable prices. Listed as National Geographic's no. 5 best burger joint in the U.S., do we need to explain why this tops our list?

2. Rudy's Hideaway Lobsterhouse

Truly a hidden gem, Rudy's Hideaway can be hard to spot off Hazel Ave. This independently-owned lobsterhouse has been around for decades, and the old-fashioned vibe has kept customers loyal. If you're not sold yet, Rudy's did receive TripAdvisor's Certificate of Excellence for its outstanding reputation. Obviously, Rudy's specialty is lobster!

3. Samurai Sushi

The Sacramento area is saturated with sushi restaurants, but Samurai Sushi has remained at the top of Rancho Cordova's list since its opening in 1998. But the real reason we have chosen Samurai Sushi as one of the best restaurants in Rancho Cordova is for its consistency. Whether you're grabbing a quick lunch or bringing the whole family for dinner, we recommend ordering the California Roll.

4. Il Forno Classico

We couldn't leave Il Forno Classico off the list. Let us start off with a PSA: II Forno is not your every day restaurant. With prices on the higher side, this specialty Italian restaurant is more of a fine dining experience. Although the menu items hold their own, Il Forno's wine selection is the most extensive in the region. With its own wine cellar room, Il Forno offers a choice of 600 different wines at any given time.

5. Casa Ramos

We've found that most visitors don't expect much from Casa Ramos until they step inside. With a few locations in California, Casa Ramos is known best for its authentic Mexican cuisine. Even though Casa Ramos has menu options for kids, vegetarians, and even has heart-healthy options, what really sticks out is the customer service and warm environment.

6. Brookfields Restaurant

Located within walking distance of several of Rancho Cordova's top hotels, Brooksfields is TripAdvisors no. 1 restaurant in Rancho Cordova. With that All-American menu style, Brookfields has a range of options, but its atmosphere is really what draws in visitors. If you're planning on eating here, we recommend dropping in for breakfast. For an added plus, Brooksfields also has gluten free offerings from breakfast through dinner.

7. Mints Euro Asian Cuisine

If you've never had a craving for Vietnamese food before, Mints Euro Asian Cuisine puts quality Vietnamese food on the map. Mints has been a finalist for Best Vietnamese in the KCRA 3 A List on more than one occasion, and is known for offering healthy dishes made with fresh ingredients.

8. Fire Rock Grill

The Fire Rock Grill is relatively new, just opening its doors in February of 2014. This New American Grill sits in a remodeled building originally built in 1913 that once housed the Sheepherder Bar and Grill. With Latin American, Mediterranean and Italian influences, the Grill has an extensive menu of seafood, salads, burgers and more. With the full bar in mind, Happy Hour is what makes this place one of our top 10 restaurants in Rancho Cordova. Make sure to grab a Margarita made with fresh lime!

9. Andy Nguyen's

If you haven't noticed already, some of the best restaurants in Rancho Cordova are hidden gems. Andy Nguyen's is no exception! This Vietnamese cuisine is light and refreshing, and you can expect your food to be authentic (try the Pho!). Andy Nguyen's has quite the lunch following, but it also has excellent vegetarian options like the tofu rolls or the popular shredded vegetable over rice dish.

10. The Old Spaghetti Factory

What is more fun for the family than dinner at The Old Spaghetti Factory? If you're looking for a quick sit-down meal, we recommend checking out OSF. Family owned since 1969, The Old Spaghetti Factory offers all your favorite Italian dishes and even has gluten free options. We recommend getting reservations in the cable car for the full experience!

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