2022 Annual Report

Thank you for attending our Annual Meeting!
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Seven people holding a sign at an escape room

Marc Sapoznik, President/CEO

Meet Visit Rancho Cordova

Marc Sapoznik

President & CEO

Dawn Hall

Vice President of Operations

Maggie Thyken Huss

Director of Sales

Leena Riggs

Director of Marketing & Partnerships

Aubrey Hall

Marketing Coordinator

Lisa Leonti-Nottingham

Sales Coordinator

Who we are

TBID over Time

bar graph showing Visit Rancho Cordova TBID
Pictured: Visit Rancho Cordova 5 year TBID growth
budget pie chart for Visit Rancho Cordova
Pictured: 2022 Budget
$2.63 M

Visit Rancho Cordova Board of Directors

Thank you 2021-2022 Visit Rancho Cordova Board of Directors

Advisory Visit Rancho Cordova Board Members

Incoming Visit Rancho Cordova Board of Directors

Letter from the Chair

Rancho Cordova TBID Assessment Hotels

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Marketing Highlights 2021-2022 FY

pie gragh of day/overnight visitation with averages for visit rancho cordova
Pictured: Visitor Data 2021-2022 FY
map of USA with blue color to indicate visitation to rancho cordova
Pictured: Visitation by state in USA
map of california with blue gradient to indicate visitation to rancho cordova
Pictured: Visitation by county in California

New team members; new content!

Website traffic 21-22 FY

Social media highlights

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Visit Rancho Cordova Foundation

Visit Rancho Cordova Interns

Threshold 360 Virtual Tours

Tour the Sacramento Rancho Cordova Marriott

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Community Partnership Program

Community Engagement Manager- COMING SOON

Sales Highlights 2021-2022 FY

three circles with room nights and leads generated
Keep an eye out for the updated lead request form!
Maggie Thyken HussDirector of Sales

FAMs & focus groups

Conferences/Trade Shows on the horizon

New! Industry 2022-2023 Memberships and Sponsorships

NEW! Sales Department Team Members

Major Events