Eats & Drinks Before the Drive-In Airshow & Tailgate Party

Eats & Drinks Before the Drive-In Airshow & Tailgate Party

Make sure to make plans for food and drinks before you head to the California Capital Drive-In Airshow & Tailgate Party.

This year, the incredible Drive-In Airshow & Tailgate Party will be returning to the 2022 Airshow!

It's a tailgate party with jets! On September 30, gates will open at 2pm, opening ceremonies will begin at 3:30pm, and flights will run until 7pm. 

Food or drink will not be available for purchase on site so be sure to bring your own or grab some delicious food and drinks at a nearby Rancho Cordova restaurant before the show! 

For the security of airshow visitors and workers, coolers, chairs, and standard umbrellas are accepted; however, barbecues, glass containers, beach umbrellas, canopies, and pop-up tents are not.

Where to go before the show:

Daddy O's Smokehouse

Avoid long waits by ordering ahead at Daddy O's Smokehouse!  Owners O.Z. and Valencia Kamara perfectly  serve their slow-smoked meats on Matherfield Road.  This Black-owned barbecue restaurant has lunch plate deals that match their delicious ribs and crispy savory sides.  Visiting Daddy O's Smokehouse will satisfy your authentic barbecue cravings.

Brookfield's Restaurant

Visiting Rancho Cordova would be incomplete without ordering from Brookfield's Restaurant!  Their All-American style cuisine is a Rancho Cordova classic and is known as having one of the best burgers in the city.  Brookfield's is within walking distance of some of Rancho Cordova's top hotels, including Sacramento/Rancho Cordova Marriott and DoubleTree.  They are known for an excellent dining experience and offer takeout.

Straw Hat Pizza

Only eight minutes away on Mather Field Road, opt for a shareable option by ordering with Straw Hat Pizza!  You and your family can enjoy pizza and some sides with Straw Hat's available coupons.  Share that nostalgic feeling of sharing Straw Hat's pizza with friends and family members at the Drive-In Airshow & Tailgate.

Vons Chicken

Satisfy any fried chicken cravings at Vons Chicken, one of the newest restaurants in Rancho Cordova on Olson Drive.  First-timers at Vons Chicken love that the wings are perfectly crispy and marinated on the inside.  The Rancho Cordova location is more of a quick, to-go dining option than a sit-down restaurant which is perfect for grabbing a quick meal on the way to the Airshow.  This Korean Fried Chicken restaurant's most popular dishes are the Crispy Garlic Chicken and Rice Cakes (traditionally known as Tteokboki).

Roostarz Hot Chicken

Speaking of chicken, Roostarz Chicken is one of the newest additions to Rancho Cordova's restaurant population!  Fun fact: the original location is in El Dorado Hills.  For the spicy-food fans, their spice levels definitely bring the heat, along with their flavorful sides!  For those who want to try their spice but not at the ghost-pepper level, their MEDIUM FEEL THE HEAT delivers a perfect spicy level that doesn't burn your tongue.

Costa Vida

Also located on Olson Drive, Costa Vida serves Mexican food on the go to satisfy your Mexican food cravings.  Restaurants located on Olson Drive are within walking distance to hotels including Hampton Inn, Residence Inn, and Fairfield Inn & Suites. Customers love the Sweet Pork Salad and Baja-style tacos and burritos.  Costa Vida also offers gluten-free options.

Famous Burgers & Brew

Another listing from the Best Burgers in Rancho Cordova, is Famous Burgers & Brew.  When ordering from Famous Burgers, you can't go wrong with any of their burger options.  New and returning customers can't get enough of their delicious meat and sides. 

Priya Indian Cuisine

Priya Indian Cuisine on Zinfandel Drive has flavorful and delicious options for you and your family to enjoy at the California Capital Airshow.  Their Lunch Box Specials, available daily between 11 AM until 2 PM, include an entree, two side dishes, rice, naan, and dessert.  Customers can choose from a variety of vegetarian and non-vegetarian Lunch Box Specials.

Green Grill

Green Grill, located on Zinfandel Drive, promotes healthier and environmentally conscious foods with their delicious vegan menu.  Popular dishes you can bring to the Airshow Drive-In include the Chana Burger, Tikka Masala Bowl, and Mushroom Chana Burger.  Pair it with their new Black Berry Lemonade and enjoy the show.

Poke Cube

Located in Capital Village (5 minutes away from the Airshow), order ahead with Poke Cube!  Poke, pronounced as "po-kay," is traditionally served as an appetizer made with chunks of raw fish marinated in soy sauce and sesame oil.  Poke Cube offers a variety of raw seafood, vegetable toppings, and sauces that enhance your experience.  Their fresh seafood and vegetable toppings make a perfect and refreshing meal while enjoying the Drive-In Airshow.

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