5 Ways to Get Involved During May is Bike Month!

5 Ways to Get Involved During May is Bike Month!

Whoever you may be, whether you work a full-time, currently a student, or want to become an active member of your community, see all the different events offered in the Sacramento Region during the month of May, that show you the true magic of the bicycle.

With May being National Bike Month, it’s a chance to explore the positives of biking: from saving carbon emissions to improving your overall health, the opportunities are endless. Communities across the country celebrate this month by showcasing multiple ways why choosing a bike can become a unique asset to your everyday life. With the number of trips made by bicycle doubling from 1.7 billion in 2001 to 6.5 billion in 2012 surveyed by the National Household Travel assessment, it only shows that more people are putting away their cars, and picking up their bikes.

#1: Amgen Tour of California: Men’s Stages 1 & 2

We are proud to announce that in 2019 Stages 1 and 2 of the Men’s Amgen Tour of California will be competing right here in the Sacramento Region! The tour will return to Sacramento by introducing this years 14 teams, and the city will be hosting the overall start and team introduction presentation. Stage 2 Start will be taking place in Rancho Cordova for the first time, starting in front of City Hall off Prospect Park Drive, and heading up White Rock Road towards South Lake Tahoe! Join thousands of cycling fans as they line the streets at both stages, to view the some of the world’s most elite cyclists. Stage 1 will start at 8:00 a.m., and Stage 2 will start at 9:30 a.m. Be sure to kick off your Amgen spirit by wearing blue and gold, and bringing your best cowbells and horns!

#2: Breakaway Challenge

To kick of the Amgen Tour of California being held in Sacramento and Rancho Cordova, join in on the Breakaway Challenge. Every year, Amgen launches its Initiative challenge to raise money towards Heart Disease and Cancer Research. Its goal is to motivate communities through the use of Strava—a fitness based app—to log miles that in turn get converted to donation money. You can be a part of this initiative by downloading the Strava app from either your Apple or Android Device. From there, select the Amgen Breakaway Run Challenge or Ride Challenge, and start logging your miles! Miles can be logged from May 1st-June 12th, and Amgen will be donating up to $400,000 from active participants, just like you. Donations will be going towards the American Heart Association, Prevent Cancer Foundation, National Coalition for Cancer Survivorship, and many more. Take the challenge by downloading the Strava app, and start logging miles today.

#3: Golden State Race Series

Located right in Rancho Cordova, the 2019 Golden State Race Series will take place May 4th and 5th. Hosted by Rio Strada racing, they are one of the oldest cycling racing clubs in the Sacramento region. They have e continued to build and grow competitive cycling by hosting multiple racing events in Northern California. Come witness the circuit course based races from junior level all the way to Men’s masters. Saturdays races will kick off at 8:00 right at 11000 Cobble Rock Drive with parking close by!

#4: Sac Region May is Bike Month Challenge

Starting May 1st to May 31st, visit mayisbikemonth.com to join the Sacramento Region Challenge!

Start by entering your information and choose the type of challenge you want to endure: individual challenges, group challenges, employer challenges, and team challenges. For the whole month of May, log all the trips you have taken by bike: commute, errands, recreation, school, etc.! By entering the number of trips taken, it calculates your money saved, calories burned, and Co2 saved. See the overall number saved in the Sacramento Region, and compete with your fellow citizens!

#5: National Bike to Work Day: May 19th

Get your bikes tuned and your tires pumped, because Friday, May 19th is National Bike to Work Day! Join your fellow coworkers in their suits and ties by choosing a different mode of transportation. With in increasing trends of sustainability, health, and trendy ways to commute, make your day worth it by sharing it with others on social media by using the hashtag. #biketoworkday2019. Celebrate big by either dressing up or doing group rides that Friday to work. With many first-time commuters, it's become increasingly popular that many choose to become regular bike commuters after this event. It’s a chance to celebrate pride in your local city, and showing the diversity of the bicycle.

Whether you’re a beginner or a professional, being able to enjoy cycling is open to everyone in the community. We have the opportunity to choose a healthier lifestyle for ourselves and the planet just by riding a bicycle. So the next time it's sunny and 75 degrees, and your local grocery store is only 2 miles away, remember what mode of transportation is best!